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Infoshorts provides weekly information for visually-impaired people. You will find the most recent six editions in this box set. Other earlier editions are no longer available as their topical content may now be out of date.

Season 0

Episode 49

Infosound Infoshorts 49: measuring cane lengths, a talking air fryer, checking PIP benefit entitlement, audio description on Freeview TV and looking for a suitable electric hob.

Infoshorts edition 49: for week beginning 2nd December 2023

Published: December 2, 2023

Season 1

Episode 43

Infosound Infoshorts 043: a talking kitchen scale, “Understanding eye conditions" booklets, choosing hand-held electronic magnifiers, the “Streets for All” campaign and in search of a vibrating timer.

Infoshorts edition 43: for week beginning 21st October 2023

Published: October 22, 2023

Episode 44

Infosound Infoshorts 44: accessible children’s books, large print & tactile Scrabble, a new Mental Health & Wellbeing Service for VI people, the Equality Act and a bank note identifier.

Infoshorts edition 44: for week beginning 28th October 2023

Published: October 29, 2023

Episode 45

Infosound Infoshorts 45: a neck-supported magnifier, an accessible podcast app, making the most of remaining vision, 2024 big print and braille stationery and the long cane ‘touch technique’.

Infoshorts edition 45: for week beginning 4th November 2023

Published: November 4, 2023

Episode 46

Infosound Infoshorts 46: the A to Z of British Blind Sport; RNIB audio labeller; Calibre Audio Library; remote control with extra large buttons; Pension Credit

Infoshorts edition 46: Sport; audio labelling; audio library; large-button remote controls & pension credit

Published: November 13, 2023

Episode 47

Infosound Infoshorts 047: Blood pressure checks; what's on; TN & radio phone app; 2024 in large print; pavement parking

Infoshorts edition 47: Blood pressure monitor; what's on guide; phone app for TNs & radio; large print diaries; and pavement parking ban

Published: November 19, 2023

Episode 48

Infosound Infoshorts 48: VIP cookery book, transport for disabled people, document readers and a talking electric appliance controller.

Infoshorts edition 48: for week beginning 25th November 2023

Published: November 26, 2023


  • Infosound is a small British charity that produces and distributes information, in audio, for vision-impaired people. Its current service, “Infoshorts” (, is a brief weekly bulletin of practical information and advice about living with sight loss and these are freely shared with local talking newspapers, via TNF Soundings, for use in their own audio publications.

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