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What are bundles?

Bundles are pre-made packages of TNF Soundings content featuring several tracks but without repeating the opening and closing jingles throughout.

Regular bundles are chosen and created automatically each day at noon and are typically available by 1pm each day. This process runs every day, but the bundles will only change if there has been new content loaded to the site.

What bundles are available?

We currently produce a number of regular bundles, which you can find on the Regular Bundles page. A brief description of each may be found below.

For each bundle, the Regular Bundles page shows clearly which tracks are included in the current version.

Two track bundle

This bundle contains the latest articles from the Information and Time-Out categories.

Some categories are busier than others and so it is quite possible for today’s bundle to differ from yesterday’s bundle by only one of the two tracks.

Listings bundle

This bundle updates once per week, typically on a Wednesday lunchtime, and contains the latest radio and audio described TV listings files.

Can I make my own bundles?

Yes, you can! Simply go to the Bespoke Bundles page, enter your email address, select the articles you’d like to include and our automated system will make a bundle just for you.

The process usually takes a little under an hour and you will receive an email containing a link which will allow you to download your bundle. Download links are valid for a period of 6 weeks.

When you generate your request, you will be shown a bundle reference, please keep this in case of any query. We regret that, due to a shortage of time, we cannot investigate bundle issues without this reference.

Should you request a bundle containing the same combination of tracks that you or someone else has previously requested, then you should be taken straight to a screen where you may play or download your bundle.

Do bundles support tracking?

No; bundles are supplied as a single track. If you wish to make use of more than one consecutive TNF Soundings article but keep each as a separate track then you may do so by following the process below:

  1. Create the bundle you require.
  2. Use your audio editor of choice to “split” the track just before each of the mini-jingles that separate the articles in the bundle.
  3. Include these tracks in that order in your production.

Alternatively, for a more flexible, but more involved approach:

  1. Download each of the tracks you wish to use and decide the order in which you want to use them.
  2. Download the TNF Soundings interstitial sting (the short divider we use to mark the change in article).
  3. Using your audio editor of choice, remove the closing jingles from all but the last article you wish to use.
  4. Replace the opening jingle on all but the first article you wish to use with our interstitial sting.

You now have a series of tracks that you may include in your production.

Please Note: Whilst this second process grants you the right to remove some of the jingles from some of our files, you MUST (whichever process you use) use them is such a way that there is only TNF Soundings content between the opening and closing jingles and such that no TNF Soundings content is heard outside of those jingles. The content is still subject to all other terms and conditions and must not be edited in any other way than that described above.

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