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Braille changes lives


2024 marks the 200th anniversary of Braille and its use is becoming ever more widespread. These days Braille’s system of tactile dots is being used in many settings, from greetings cards to sweets, from fashion to bold statements, Braille is making its mark as businesses reach out to the visually impaired community. This article is written by Fiona and read by Nicki.


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A look at how Braille is being used, some 200 years after its invention

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  • Fiona

    Fiona worked as a journalist with local and national newspapers for 12 years before joining local government as a press officer. She also volunteered for several charities, including Mary's Meals, Citizens Advice Scotland and Argyll Talking Newspapers before joining TNF Soundings and returning to her roots of sourcing and writing news articles.

  • Nicki

    Recently retired after many years in Contract and Programme Management I am now happily a volunteer, following my passion for the spoken word by contributing to TNF Soundings.

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