Infoshare audio message board


If you have hints and tips on living with sight loss, why not phone-in messages to ‘Infoshare’ to help other blind and partially-sighted people? You can do this via the free public service ‘Infoshare’, run by the charity Infosound.


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Have you tried the free ‘Infoshare’ audio message board service for vision-impaired people?

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Post valid until 11:59pm on Sunday December 5th, 2021


  • Infosound is a small charity that produces and distributes information, in audio, for blind and partially-sighted people. Its current service, Infoshare (, provides a platform for vision-impaired people and those offering products and support to phone-in with short messages sharing tips, life-hacks, opinion, comment, information and news on any subject relating to living with sight loss.

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