A swim to safety


What are the 10 happiest days of your life? For TNF Soundings contributor Rosalind they include the day she was party to rescuing a drowning buffalo from an African Lake.


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A traveller’s tale from Lake Kariba

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  • I have spent most of my life writing things – press releases, holiday brochures and journalism, and since retirement had a go at fiction for my local writers’ group. Best of all has been co-scripting soap operas for a community radio station, which is enormous fun. I live in the delightful market town of Devizes in Wiltshire, where I am involved in the local Food and Drink Festival, a Wine Appreciation Group (are you getting a theme here?) and monthly presentations at our local bookshop where snippets are read out on a specific theme. I am much enjoying researching one of these to be called Rude! featuring literary examples of the art of insult.

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