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Bake-along with Penny: Mushroom Soup


Written and presented by Penny-Melville Brown, also known as the Blind Baker, this mushroom soup cook-along session provides a recipe and instructions presented in a entertaining and encouraging manner to bring the joy of home baking to listeners regardless of their level sight loss.


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Recipe and instructions for mushroom soup by Penny Melville-Brown

Some material in this recording may have been reproduced under Section 31b of The Copyright and Rights in Performances (Disability) Regulations 2014.

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  • Penny

    Penny Melville-Brown OBE, the Blind Baker is a challenging and courageous equality crusader with years of practical knowledge to share. Funny, eccentric and exciting, Penny is a survivor with compelling tales and huge experiences that dispel the myths around disability. She inspires, changes perceptions and even cooks too.

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