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The amazing life of Marie Curie


Marie Curie, the woman who discovered Radium and Polonium and won two Nobel prizes, has left a lasting legacy on today’s world – not least through the x-rays used every day in hospitals. Here, Soundings contributor Liz tells the story of Marie’s personal and professional life.


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A look at the life and legacy of Marie Curie

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  • Liz Macintyre Allan was born and brought up on the southside of Glasgow. She attended Scotland Street Primary School and later Glasgow University where she was awarded an Honours Degree in History and Comparative Religion. Liz stayed at home for several years while she raised her family and then decided to re-enter academic life as a mature student. After a happy career in education, Liz decided to take a different a story teller. She found a collection of over 300 letters written by her father and describing his experiences during WW2. Liz transcribed his words and it became a successful book....Love Letters from a Desert Rat.

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