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TNF Soundings is run entirely by volunteers as part of the Talking News Federation (TNF) charity. There are two ways in which you may support our work

With Your Time

There are a number of roles required to make TNF Soundings run. If you feel that you would like to offer your time in any of these ways, please do contact us for more details.


We welcome contributions from all parts of the UK on a wide variety of subjects relevant to visual impairment and physical disability.

Contributors record their own material either with their own equipment or ours on loan and upload their content to the internet.


Editors check each piece to ensure that every item is fair, impartial, apolitical, objective and factually correct. This takes place before content goes live. Editors also verify that content is clear, audible and that all content is at the same audio level. Content which doesn’t meet the former will be returned to the contributor, whereas issues with the latter are passed, in the first instance to an audio technician.

Audio Technician

Audio Technicians deal with problematic recordings to remove, where possible, extraneous noise, adjust levels and generally ensure that content meets the high quality standards required by Talking Newspapers and radio stations. Technicians work on referral from editors and on the basis of pro-active check sampling.


Whilst all content that meets our fair, impartial, apolitical and objective goals is welcome, there is also a need to co-ordinate the production to prevent duplication of effort and to ensure that areas of national interest are covered. Administrators work to ensure a constant flow of relevant up to date yet diverse flow of content by encouraging articles on specific topics and also balancing the release and expiry schedule.


TNF Soundings is a project run and administered directly by the Talking News Federation and so you may support the work here by contributing directly to TNF.

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