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Regular Items

TNF Soundings offers a number of regular features in both the Information and Time Out categories. With the aim of helping TN editors to schedule Soundings content to fit with local publishing dates, we have developed a plan setting out when we hope to publish regular items between June and December 2024.

Please note that these are planned dates and may sometimes be subject to change. However, we hope that by letting you know when we expect to publish Soundings ‘regulars’, this will help your editorial teams plan ahead and make maximum use of Soundings material.

There will, of course, continue to be additional Information and Time Out articles covering one-off topics and these will be available alongside the following regular items:

  • Audio described TV suggestions – weekly, usually on a Wednesday
  • Radio listening ideas – weekly, usually on a Wednesday
  • Quizzes – fortnightly
  • ‘Blind Baker’ recipes – every four weeks
  • Gardening – monthly, usually early in the month
  • Audio Crosswords – monthly.
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